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GameBuddy offers creators a one-stop solution to connect with their audience and increase their revenue with ease.

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Play games, watch movies, and more with your audience.

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Host events

Host paid or free events with your audience.

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Run giveaways

Engage your audience with giveaways and contests.

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Make it easier for your audience to follow and support you

Creator Profile.
Sell your services, host events, and run giveaways. Make it easier for your audience to support you.
Paywall Events.
Lock your events behind a paywall and make it accessible to your paying audience only.
Make your fans happy by spending time with them and increase your income by doing so.
Generate recurring revenue, offer exclusive content, and build a loyal community.
Collect one-time tips from your audience and increase your revenue.
Blog Posts.
Communicate with your audience and share your latest thoughts in a more accessible way.

Simple, beautiful, and easy to use.

Intuitive and Powerful Web Application

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Team Collaboration.
Invite your team to help you and manage your profile together.
Advanced Interface.
Manage your activities, events, and giveaways with a simple and intuitive interface.
Works Everywhere.
You can manage your content from your laptop, tablet, phone, or even your Tesla.
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All the features you'll ever need.

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Activities and Services
Offer your services and activities to your audience and get paid for it.
Schedule Events
Plan your events we'll notify your audience when they are about to start.
Giveaways and Raffles
Create giveaways with entry fees and prequisites for your audience.
Paid Memberships
Create subscriptions for your users and offer exclusive access to your content.
Anonymous Tips
Accept tips from your fans without the need for them to login.
Real-Time Revenue and Analytics
Track your earnings, understand your audience and make better decisions.

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